Monday, December 7, 2015

Large Scale Nut Farms Planned for Kingman

Looking North towards Valle Vista, Copyright Chambers Realty Group LLC
Quality Nut land
 The photos are all of land that has been recently cleared to make way for 500 acres of land to be planted of the approximately 6000 acres that Rodney Beard and his grandson Bruce Beard of Quality Nut own between Kingman Arizona and the golf course community of Valle Vista 14 miles to the north. The land is located in the Hualapai Valley and will draw water from the Hualapai Valley aquifer.

Quality Nut has purchase the land under three different names at a price of $3,000 dollars per acre. The names owned by them are Mohave Valley University LLC, Valle Vista Environmental Studies LLC, and RB Ranch Development LLC.

Most likely they will be growing pistachios, almonds and walnuts that are all permanent tree crops and are selling at a decent price on the open market. Wholesale prices have declined from their peaks but are now around 2.20 per pound, down from their peaks as high as 5.00 dollars per pound two years ago.

Trees for these farms are usually provided by Dave Wilson Nursery. They have a waiting list for their trees that sometimes is years behind. Therefore it is very expensive and difficult to get into this farming venture.
The buyers for this are spending about
5-6,000 per acre developing this land after they purchase it to put the trees, water lines and wells in. From then on you have an expense maintaining the trees and the watering system. The almond trees do have decent production by their "third leaf" or the third year they are in the ground. Each tree will produce about 25lbs per tree on average. Pistachio trees take about 7 years before they have a harvestable crop.

The land in Pink is owned by Quality Nut and is approximately 6,000 acres.


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