Monday, April 4, 2016

Stockton Hill Farms, Farming in Kingman AZ

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Stockton Hill Farms/Red Lake Ventures

Copyright of Chambers Realty Group LLC
 Here are some photos of the Stockton Hill Farms also known as Red Lake Ventures that is east of Mile Marker 23 going north on Stockton Hill Road. There are thousands of acres here being plowed, disc-ed and then planted with cotton, wheat, alfalfa, onions and Sudan grass. The soil out here is very favorable for crops as it doesn't have rocks and it is virgin soil so it is easy to get a certification for organic farming here.
Another name they can be found under is Wood Creek Capital Management, LLC. Mr. Bob Saul serves as Managing Director at Wood Creek Capital Management LLC.
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 The only other prior use for this area was the grazing of cattle since being privately owned. The land formally belonged to John T. Neal who sold the land to Red Lake Ventures also known as Mass Mutual. The land they own is now about 17,000 acres.

A lot of people are associating this farm with Jim Rhodes, however that is not the case. Mr. Rhodes did get them interested in town and started a joint venture with Stockton Hill Farm, however that partnership has since dissolved.
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 When I have buyers call me asking about land for sale and wanting 5-6,000 contiguous acres I find it sometimes difficult. Over the years the large ranches in our area were bought out by groups that subdivided the land and then marketed them to people all over the country. Therefore 80% of the land in Mohave County is owned by out of state owners.

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