Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pistachio Farming Comes to Kingman

 These properties were taken in August of 2016. What they show is two sections of land being about 1280 acres of Pistachio trees that are planted. This is a significant dynamic changing event. Why is that? The property is owned by Jim Rhodes of Las Vegas. He has rented the property long term to Paramount Farms. Paramount is probably the largest nut producer in the country. They own tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of acres in California and produce cutie oranges, Pom Wonderful, and grow
and sell nuts.

I have personally thousands of acres to local nut and row crop farmers. They are all testing to see what grows out here. So far almonds have not done well. This year we had record heat and possible root rot disease that has killed off about 90% of the almond trees, so much that the remaining trees are being pulled out of the ground and being replaced with Pistachio's. 

I can't help but think that these two sections located 35 miles north of Kingman just past the large Red Lake bed are just a test plot for Paramount. It would be nothing for them to plant these sections and see what happens. If it proves to work out then they will continue planting and purchasing more land in our area. If it fails they can pull their labor and equipment back to California.