Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spring Valley Ranches, Kingman AZ

Spring Valley Ranches is located in one of Arizona’s most scenic areas, just off old Historic Route 66, near the town of Hackberry. Hackberry, in its hey-day, was a bustling cattle and gold mining town. Today, it is a tourist destination for those interested in revisiting and reminiscing about cross-country travel along old Route 66.
Spring Valley Ranches is nestled in the foothills of the pinyon pine-scented Peacock Mountains only 25 miles northeast of Kingman, Arizona. This scenic ranch was once a working cattle ranch that has been named after the abundant natural springs that are found on the ranch. Rich in history, Spring Valley Ranches’ natural springs provided precious water for native Americans, pioneers, and U.S. Calvary. 
Spring Valley Ranches comprises about 7,130 acres of private land. Parcels range in size from 5 to 97 acres. 

Wildlife abound on the ranch. Deer, elk, antelope, fox, coyote, javelina, bobcats, skunks, raccoons, and an occasional mountain lion can be seen in this pristine area.
Spring Valley Ranches is a perfect place for horse riding, hiking, bird watching, exploring, or simply enjoying nature. Many property owners have horses and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. An 18-hole par 72 golf course is located about 12 miles away in the community of Valle Vista.
Many parcels have electrical service (provided by Mohave Electric Co-op) and telephone service (provided by Frontier Telecommunications). All parcels are suitable for alternative energy power systems, such as solar and wind energy systems. Portions of the ranch are served with cellular telephone service provided by companies such as Mohave Wireless, Verizon, Cingular, Cellular One, Sprint, etc.
Propane gas (LP) delivery is provided by several companies in the Kingman area, such as Northern Energy, Graves Propane, and Ferrellgas.
Water is provided by your own private well, hauling in your own water, or delivery by a private delivery company. Spring Valley Ranches was named for the many natural water springs located throughout the ranch. Additionally many good wells have been drilled throughout the ranch. 
Trash containers located near the entrance to the ranch are provided by a local co-op service for a nominal monthly fee.
Spring Valley Ranches experiences weather similar to Kingman, Arizona, except that temperatures are consistently about 5 degrees cooler.  Because Spring Valley Ranches is located in the Peacock Mountain Range, and at a higher elevation (4,000 - 5,400 feet) than Kingman, more precipitation and precipitation in the form of snow and freezing rain is typical. 
All of the parcels were professionally surveyed and staked, making clear identification of parcel corners easy.
All parcels have full physical and legal access by dedicated public or county roads.
Arizona is an open range state. This means that cattle pretty much graze where ever they prefer. It also means you may fence the cattle out of your property. Fencing must be suitable for this purpose.
Land usage within Spring Valley Ranches is governed by sensible C.C.&R’s (Covenants) which help protect your real estate investment. The basic rules are as follows:
1. Houses must be at least 1,000 sq. ft., site built or manufactured. Manufactured houses must be 5 years or newer from date of manufacture to date of placement on your parcel.
2. Parcels may be sub-divided up to 5 ways with no split parcel being smaller than 5 acres.
3. No commercial use of parcels is allowed. Parcels are to be used for single family residential use, limited recreation use, and non-commercial ranch and farming activities.
4. Septic systems must be installed prior to or in conjunction with the construction of a house.
5. No burning or burying of trash or rubbish on a parcel.
The Spring Valley Ranches Property Owners Association maintains the roads within the ranch and assesses and collects annual dues from each property owner for this service. Association membership is mandatory and runs with the property ownership. The 2007 Annual Association dues are $125 per parcel.
Spring Valley Ranches is a great hideaway...a special place to build your dream cabin, or just enjoy the good feeling of land ownership and investment in a beautiful area.

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