Monday, August 28, 2017

Stockton Hill Ranches Description and Detail, Real Estate

The Stockton Hill Ranches in the northwest corner of Arizona, are in a scenic valley between the Cerbat and Hualapai mountain ranges which is known as the Hualapai Valley. There are 12 phases to the Stockton Hill Ranches. The ranches were part of the Neal Ranch that was split up and subdivided into 40 acre parcels for the most part in phases. The elevation on average is 3,400 feet, providing an ideal climate (not too hot and not too cold). Average daily temperature is 74.5 degrees Farenheit, and the yearly average precipitation is 11 inches.

To get to the properties in this area you take Stockton hill Road north from Exit 51 on I-40. Just off of I-40 you get about 25,000 vehicles per day passing through. However as you drive north on Stockton Hill Road the traffic decreases substantially so that you are on a county highway. Stockton Hill road runs about 40 miles north of town. As you drive north the density of the properties becomes less and less and once you get to about mile marker 16 at Calle Lucero you will find that most of the land north of here is 40 acres or more.

If you continue another 5-6 miles you will see the Hualapai Valley Farm which is now controlled by ACX Global. ACX is growing primarily alfalfa for export to Saudi Arabia and China.

Also on the farming radar in this area is pistachio farms and almond farms both of which are in their infancy of testing. If the area proves out to work well you will see a huge capital investment towards these permanent cash crops.

Not to far away is Kingman is the Seat of Mohave County. The County boasts more than 1,000 miles of shoreline. Water enthusiasts enjoy sports on the Colorado River as well as Lake Mohave, Lake Mead, and Lake Havasu. Hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, and rock hunting abound in the area. Population in the fast growing Kingman Arizona service area is approximately 46,000. And remember, buying land for sale in the outlying areas of Kingman Arizona can be a wise investment!

  • This northern Arizona 40+ acre ranches. Some 5-10 acre ranchettes are also available.
  • All ranches have horse (livestock) privileges.
  • Electricity and telephone service is available to many of the properties in the area.
  • Located in the foothills just 15 miles north of Kingman Arizona (off Stockton Hill Road).
  • Close to recreation areas! Only 45 minutes to Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.
  • Take the new Bypass Bridge to Las Vegas!
  • Less than an hour drive to Laughlin, Nevada.
  • These lots are ideally suited for manufactured or site built housing.
  • Winter visitors: Bring your RV and park it! This is the perfect home away from home.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Factors that Drive Real Estate Prices

Real estate is a key component in determining someone’s wealth. In the same instance, it is normally considered a solid investment. Before making the decision to invest and/or own your own property or even to sell, it’s important to evaluate how the real estate market is performing. The results could show you if it’s a good time and if you’ll be purchasing or selling for fair market value.
There are a few key factors that drive the real estate market that you should evaluate.
Interest rates. If you’re buying a property with a mortgage, start by researching interest rates using a mortgage calculator. Interest rates will vary week by week, but it will give you a good idea on the demand for real estate. The lower the interest rate, the lower the cost to get a mortgage will be. Lower interest rates create a higher demand, which increases real estate prices.
The economy and stock market. The overall health of the economy plays a big part on the real estate market. Indicators like employment data, the price of goods, the stock market, etc. typically measure the health of an economy. Most participate in the stock market in at least a small way so it impacts the majority of potential homeowners.
Ability to secure a loan. If the economy is weak, buyers who have a low cash flow and fair credit will find it difficult to get a loan. If the economy is strong, lenders will loosen standards and the real estate market will benefit.
Demographics. Things like age, race, gender, income and population growth can affect how property is priced and the types of properties that are in demand. Major shifts in demographics, like the baby boomers generation who were born between 1945 and 1964, can significantly influence the real estate market. Their retirement is being noticed now and will continue to be noticed for years to come.
If you have a goal to purchase a home or make a business investment in real estate, make sure you research and analyze these factors and the impact they are currently having on the real estate market.
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rant about retirees moving here from California

Numerous times I go to planning and zoning meetings as well as Mohave County Board of Supervisors meetings in favor of anything that will help this town gain some positive traction and frankly I am sick and tired of all of the retirees who come here from California dictating the direction this town and valley should go.  They are absolutely destroying any future for this area.
I don’t understand why the people in this area and town fight every business unless it is medical or a restaurant that caters to them. Time and time again the retired residents who relocated here from California have chased off prospective employers instead of welcoming them with open arms.
What I take great offense to is these are the same people who have made a living their whole life in a blue collar jobs and then retire here and not allowing all of us who grew up here the same opportunities that were given to them. 

Everyone wonders why we see drastic increases in crime and drug use. You are not giving my generation the same opportunities you were given. I grew up here and there are very few people from my high school class that stayed. Simply for the fact there is a complete lack of career type jobs that a company like this will provide.  

This company already looked at the airport and felt it wasn’t the right place for obvious reasons like so many other companies before them that I have brought to the Airport.  They also looked out by the Griffith Interchange but felt it would be difficult to retain employees that far out of town.
Therefore without this rezone of this property  we will lose this employer who hires skilled workers. They will simply move on to the next town like so many before them. 

There is also the argument about the water usage of the plant which is minimal. I guarantee something will happen on this parcel and what a rezone is not needed at all to make it a farm like others we see in the valley. This entire parcel could be converted into alfalfa or permanent tree production without the approval of anyone in this room. 

It just goes to show that people who have relocated to our area will fight anything on any property here. The rezone is asking for a change on 10 acres in the middle 260 acres literally next to a shooting range. Furthermore this has long been an industrial area long before any of the homes came into this area. The property is right off of a large Interchange on I-40.  I don’t understand how anyone could be against this. 

I have had friends and family lose their homes in foreclosures in this area due to being laid off and not finding  work time and time again. We need to stabilize and diversify our economy with good paying industrial jobs like this. Please move forward on the rezone today to send a clear message to would be employers that our town welcomes innovative companies and the jobs they bring here! Please give people a place to work besides a prison or Wal Mart.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Failed Kingman Farming Operations in Kingman and Golden Valley Arizona.

It is difficult to see the direction that the farming operations is going in Kingman Arizona. Two of the largest farms in Kingman are going to Trustee sales or are trying to be sold off as non performing notes. For an experienced farmer this could be an incredible opportunity and here is why. The land can be purchased for less than what it originally sold for. in 2005 or 2006. It has improvements including wells, well heads, roads, water lines and possibly pivots.

The first deal is the farm in Golden Valley along with 1200 acres that is north of Kingman. This goes to the trustee sale on June 26, 2016. Sun Pacific loaned 8.2 million on the property and the remaining non performing note is $6,757,435 dollars.

 The second great deal is approximately 10,000 acres north of Kingman that can be purchased at apporximately $7.5 million. This is a non-performing note so if one was to purchase it you would have to file the foreclosure paperwork on it and then . This was a really nice working farm two years ago. Below is the 1200 acres also included in this note sale.

The total acreage on this is 5,775.09 acres. Call me for a list of parcel numbers and more details.

 Here are some photos from when the farm was first set up.

If you are interested in Kingman Farming operations  or looking to acquire land here for farming please give me a call at 928-716-0973. I am the broker and owner of United Country Real Estate-Verde Valley property and I have been instrumental is some of the largest land sales here in Kingman for farm land and the Verde Valley area of the state.