Friday, September 25, 2015

Buying and Selling Mountain Vista Ranches, Kingman AZ

Mountain Vista Ranches:

 Mountain Vista Ranches is a subdivision that is located behind the golf course community of Valle Vista. Access to this area is easy. Go North on Route 66 from Kingman, Go left on Concho Road, Right on Painted rock and then straight or left on Brooks to the most populated area based around the many grape growers in the area.
The soil out here is great for growing. Across the valley there is alfalfa, cotton, garlic, almond trees, walnuts and pistachios. This is an area that produces a lot of groundwater that is brought up to the surface by private wells.  This is a subdivision that has seen a lot of activity recently in the wine grape growing arena. The soil here has been tested and is even rumored to be better than the soil in Temecula for growing grapes.

Many of the parcels for sale have power and have their own wells. Quite a few, including those
 associated with the wineries or next to them are on shared wells. Usually there are up to 5 parcels on each shared well system. This works great as costs associated with maintenance or repairs are split evenly between the well shareholders, and the shared well agreement is recorded with the escrow. 

One of my favorite things to do out here is to visit the Cella Winery. The Cella Winery at Mountain Vista Ranches offers handcrafted wine selections with grapes that Carlos Stella and his staff have grown with love and affection. He offers cabernets, syrah blends, a merlot, moscato and others. His wine could be put up against any in California and has! With this he has won many awards. Carlos is a gracious host and a passionate and hard working guy. He has an interesting life story that you will want to hear in person. He is interested in expanding the areas grape vineyards and is always there to share his knowledge and expertise with them. There are at least three other people that I know of that are now growing grapes in this area with his help on their properties.

 Another really nice winery in the area is Stetson Winery.

Fun things to do here are the annual grape stomp that runs August 22-23.

The authoritative figure on this area is Justin Chambers with Chambers Realty. He specializes in land sales and has become well known in the Kingman and Golden Valley for selling real estate. You can contact him through our website at or call our office at 928-718-2020.

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